About Spaghetti Head

Welcome to SpaghettiHead.com!

I'm Steven Ingram, and I'm here to spread joy and liberation through my art.

My passion for art and design has been a lifelong journey. It all started with childhood doodles and evolved into a diverse creative adventure. In my young teenage years of the 80s punk music scene, it was usual to alter and paint our clothing, and in the early 1990s this evolved into producing art on t-shirts that I sold in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. House music became big in the mid 90s and travelling these countries enabled me to launch my club and streetwear label, Doosh Clothing, from 1995 to 2007. These experiences have all contributed to my artistic evolution and helped me find my unique expression in the world of art and design and I continue to design and write today.

The name "SpaghettiHead" emerged in the 1990s from my ideas being random like they came from a head full of spaghetti. My art and writing offers a playful holiday from the logical world and serious everyday obedience. This can be both liberating and refreshing. I still love sketching haphazardly and as badly as possible, letting my ideas flow freely onto paper, which often ends in something funny - then I have to show a friend :) ...and usually get a laugh. 

The first I found others liked my art was after I drew "Benjamin taking his table for a walk". It was scene purposely drawn as badly as possible and I decided to paint it on a t-shirt and give to a Pop Culture store to sell in downtown Auckland. To my excitement, it was snapped up within two hours of delivery. That was the moment I realised that others enjoyed my odd and fun artwork as much as I did. 

And now, I'm excited to introduce this new website to you. It's a place where I'll be sharing fresh art, animations, stories, and games for everyone. There's plenty more in the works, too.

If you enjoy your visit, subscribe. I'll send you occasional, quirky, and possibly funny designs, aimed as a distraction from logical life and bring a smile to your face.

Wishing you lots of enjoyment,

Spaghetti Head

"If you've ever wanted to draw but something's holding you back;

(Tip 1). Draw as badly as you can. It's a lot of fun.

(Tip 2). You don't have to show it to anyone."

Early 80s (me on the right - Ajax :), Dummy to my left and Amber far left. We're all about 14 years old - finding our tribe :D

Mid late 90s - in my twenties - I was travelling a lot and running my clothing label. I eventually sold it in in 2007 to do other things in life

2007/today - Converting office spaces and tired apartments to fun lifestyle gems.